Essential Oils To Lower Cholesterol

Various spices are widely used as a spice complement each other’s cuisine. One of them, bay leaves with one of the benefits to lower cholesterol in the body.

For seasoning, bay leaf because it contains the delicious aroma of the essential oils of citral and eugenol. It is hypoglycemic or can lower levels, in this case cholesterol, although it can also be used as herbal medicine some diseases.

Like other herbal ingredients, the consumption of bay leaves for horrible treatment. The method of consumption is usually mixed with water and boiled, after which boiled air is drunk at a certain time.

Cholesterol itself is a nutrient that is in the liver and comes from the usual fatty foods we consume. Two types of fats present in the body are bad cholesterol or Low Density Lipoprotein attached to blood vessels and good cholesterol or High Density Lipoprotein.

LDL is the cause of various diseases if exposed to excess, thus LDL in the body is necessary. LDL cholesterol can be affected by using a bay leaf. Decoction of bay leaves consumed every day was able to control bad cholesterol.

According to him, for people with high cholesterol can concoct a herbal drink bay leaves by taking seven bay leaves to boil in three glasses of morning drink and sick. Boil until leaving a glass of bay leaves, it would be better if boiling mixed 30 grams of leaf mirror.

Furthermore, said Septi Dwi pharmacist, in addition to sitral and eugenol, bay leaves also have other chemical content of tannins and flavonoids as substances that can lower cholesterol. Known, this content also serves to lower blood sugar levels.

In addition, the active ingredients of eugenol and ethanol in bay leaves can inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause abdominal pain. There are also those who choose prison diarrhea with bay leaves stew, chemically there is a substance for bacteria.