Essential Oils For Liver Cancer

Liver disease is a chronic liver disease in the form of inflammation of the liver caused by viruses, liver fungus, and bacteria that poison a person’s liver. Patients with liver or hepatitis mostly attack the community, especially the lower classes, although it is not possible to offset the class of people who are also many this disease.

Liver Disease It is a medical condition characterized by gradual liver tissue damage along with the course of the disease, which can lead to fibrosis and liver cirrhosis. Fibrosis is the formation of structures such as fine scar tissue causing tissue hardening and blocking the flow of fluid passing through these tissues.

Liver disease one of the diseases classified as a very dangerous disease. This is because the role of the liver or liver is very important for our bodies because as a means of human excretion that helps the kidney function to break down the compounds that exist in that is toxic. In addition, the liver is also a body organ producing ammonia, urine and uric acid that utilizes nitrogen and amino acids. The toxins present in the body are broken down by the heart and then the result is passed through the bile and feces which according to medical science is called the detoxification.

This liver or liver disease can be caused by various factors among which the first is caused due to liver abnormalities (congenital), due to viral or bacterial infections, dietary factors, and other factors such as disruption of metabolic processes. That’s how many liver disease you should know. Well for how the prevention is as follows.

How to prevent liver disease

  • Always maintain the cleanliness of the body and cleanliness of the surrounding environment.
  • Always maintain the balance of nutritional intake, vitamins and minerals in the body.
  • Avoid the use of drugs that can trigger liver disease
  • Be careful when using personal tools nail clippers, shaver and so forth. This is because the tool can easily spread viruses and bacteria from the patient to others.
  • Always note the level of cleanliness of drinking water to be in your consumption.

Liver Disease Treatment Methods

As the world of medicine progresses, effective medicines to suppress liver hepatitis virus activity are now available. These drugs can inhibit the process of damage to the liver so that the body could fix it. But keep in mind that the possibility of these drugs to completely eliminate the virus is very thin. The condition of liver organ of chronic hepatitis liver patients should also be monitored regularly. This examination will show whether the virus has damaged the liver and how far the damage. This process usually includes:

  • Blood tests
  • Ultrasound
  • FibroScan (a tool to measure the rate of wound tissue formation and hardening of liver tissue)
  • Liver biopsy (this process is rarely used)

There are some people with Liver hepatitis who have immune system that can suppress the activity of the virus so as not to damage the liver. Therefore, the type of drug to be consumed depends on the presence or absence of the ongoing liver damage process.

With Herbs

Naturally can be cured by utilizing medicinal plants such as Sambiloto, Pegagan, The following will be described about some of the herb for Liver medicine:

Essential Oils For Liver Cancer

Essential Oils For Liver Cancer rhizomes are proteins, carbohydrates, and essential oils composed of camphor, glucoside, turmerol, and curcumin. Curcumin is useful as an anti-inflammatory (inflammatory) and anti-hepototoxic (bile toxicity).

Essential Oils For Liver Cancer has pharmacological effects that is,

  • hepatoprotector (prevent liver disease),
  • lowers cholesterol levels,
  • anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory),
  • laxative (laxative),
  • diuretic (urine),
  • and relieve joint pain.

 Other benefits include:

  • increase appetite,
  • launching breast milk,
  • and clean the blood.

In addition to being used as herbal medicine and medicines, Essential Oils For Liver Cancer is also used as a source of carbohydrates by taking the pith, then processed into a food porridge for infants and people who have digestive disorders. On the other hand, Essential Oils For Liver Cancer also contains toxic compounds that can repel mosquitoes, because the plant produces essential oils containing linelool, geraniol is a class of phenols that have the power repellant Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.

Rhizome rhizome is no doubt the benefits to maintain daily health, which prevents and treats diseases and good for the recovery of disease.