Essential Oils For Osteoporosis

Cardamom (Amomum cardamomum) has been known as spice for cooking and is also more widely used for herbal mixture. In some areas cardamom is known by the name of kapol, palago, karkolaka, and others. The foreign name cardamom is pai thou kou (Chinese language).

Cardamom plants belong to herbs and form clumps, the figure is like a ginger plant, and can reach a height of 2-3 meters and grow in forests that are still dense. Cardamom flourished at an altitude of 200-1000 meters above sea level.

Cardamom contains essential oils, sineol, terpineol, borneol, protein, sugar, fat, silicates, betakamfer, sebinene, mirkena, mirtenal, karvona, terpinyl acetate, and grits.

Cardamom has a delicious smell so that the English praised him as a grain of paradise. This savory aroma comes from the essential oil content in cardamom.

do you know cardamom has many benefits that is:

Good for bone

Cardamom contains two important substances that are good for bone health, namely manganese and vitamin C. Both of these substances have an important role to prevent osteoporosis. so our bones stay healthy until old age.

Good for stomach health

Cardamom is useful for controlling the health of bile and gastric fluid so you can avoid acid reflux.

Good for the heart

Cardamom has benefits to improve blood circulation and reduce low blood pressure. Therefore cardamom is good for consumption for people with hypertension. In addition to these benefits cardamom is also useful to prevent blood clotting.

It has analgesic properties

The analgesic properties of cardamom are able to relieve pain, muscle aches, and seizures. In addition, cardamom also has anti-inflammatory properties that can treat swollen gums.

Increase sexual arousal

Cardamom has long been known to have the nature afrosidiak so as to prevent you from impotence and premature ejaculation.

Improve mood

Cardamom also has anti-depressant properties. Therefore, if you are feeling sad or not excited, a cup of cardamom tea can improve your mood.

Boost the immune system

know the benefits, although it seems rare cardamom we hear or maybe even some do not know .. but with many benefits there is no reason we do not know cardamom.